Motivation: Nothing Just Happens On Its Own

4978627798_f17eeae09e_nEvery time you hear quotes about procrastination, stop and think about how effective they are for you. For many, hearing about procrastination seems to only trigger stress, since the word “procrastination” reminds people of what they are putting off for tomorrow! To alleviate that stress, they put it off even more, and it becomes a perpetual cycle of fear and being unproductive.

However, in order to work on overcoming procrastination, you need to realize that the motivation to work on what you are putting off comes from within. Wouldn’t you think that our mind would want us to do what needs to be done right away? You’d be surprised. The human brain is a fascinating machine, and it is probably the most advanced thing on the planet when it comes to rationalizing being lax putting things off for the next day.

To that end, you must realize that nothing just happens on its own. Take a moment to think back to anything you’ve ever completed without procrastinating, and think about the frame of mind you were in.

It’s most likely that you did not feel the need to put anything off because you simply felt motivated to do whatever it was that you did. So with that in mind, is what you are procrastinating on something that you really want to do? If you’re a student and it’s homework, probably not. But you probably must realize that doing your homework to study will lead to good grades, and good grades lead to graduation.

Procrastination may be complicated to deal with, but sometimes a simple reminder of our goals and our desires is what it takes to motivate us to stay on target. Just ask yourself: If this is something you are really motivated to do, why are you putting it off? Is what you are putting this task off for more important than your end goal? When you find that you can’t answer those simple questions with a good and honest answer, procrastination just seems to disappear.

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