Pursuing you passion for music by becoming a music producer

Engineer_at_audio_consoleBeing a music producer is an incredibly lucrative job if you do it well. It is a lifelong goal for many people and a lot will fall short, but how do you turn your love of music in such a fantastic job?

One way is by actually playing music. If you have some talent with an instrument or can sing or, now we have the huge dubstep scene, can use a computer well, then you might well be able to boost your way up in the music industry. Once you are playing regularly and making some money, you will begin to gather crowds and gain proper fans. This is a massive advantage as the more popular you become, the better contacts you will make.

Let’s face it, if you are a lead guitarist in a great band then you are going to be attending events with more important people than your average Joe. From here you can get out of playing and try a get a job at a record label. Here you might start as an assistant music producer or even lower. If you’re really ambitious, you can work towards acceptance at a top rate musical school like Berklee or the Peabody Institute, but that certainly doesn’t guarantee success. You will have to work your way up until you get to that goal of being the man (or woman) in charge of an artist’s music.

The other main way is to work the way up right from the bottom. Try to practice as much as possible and see if you can find a friend to help with their band/music. If you start small and build up it will take a while but as long as you put the effort to talk to as many people in the industry as possible then you will eventually get your break. Don’t just look for the best; you are going to have to take whatever you can get at first. Movies, television and advertising all need music too, so if you are struggling to find work, why not search around these industries too.

Overall, there are many paths to take but at some point you are going to have to get a lucky break. It’s sad to say but it’s not all based around talent. If you make as many contacts as possible then this will stand you in really good stead for the future. Once you have got a job in some form of production company you can begin to work your way up and earn more. Good luck!

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